"Dont find fault; find a remedy." - Henry Ford


Conflict is inevitable albeit, stressful. I can help you get through difficult times successfully so you can transition into a better point in life. With over twenty years of mediation experience and certification in Kansas, Missouri,California and Illinois, I welcome the chance to help.

Mediation can help with a plethora of family disputes: divorce, co-parenting, special needs or difficult child(ren), or, step-family issues. Mediation promotes cooperation rather than contention. People talk openly and constructively, while the mediator guides them toward agreement. Relationships, if desired, can be preserved (even ameliorated) through mediation. All issues of contention can be addressed in mediation; it's not limited to rules of evidence or legal relevance.

If you are considering divorce or in the midst of divorce, mediation is a healthier alternative to costly and contentious litigation. Mediation lets families determine their outcome with dignity and in a manner more flexible than courts allow. Mediation is faster, cheaper and less stressful than hiring opposing lawyers to argue your case. Mediations often settle in one or two sessions and, the process is confidential.

Functioning families struggle when conflicting interests arise that are too difficult to resolve on your own; and, mediation can help.  For families with a special needs child, mediation can help establish guidelines and expectations within the home or between parents and educators. 

Mediation is a comprehensive, private and noble approach to resolving disputes. Your time and money are more wisely spent on collaboration instead of litigation. If you're interested in a long-term, workable solution to resolve your conflict, please contact me.